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The company OAXA Ltd. SAS is based in France, near Lyon and was founded in 2005 by the three partners Roland Varichon, Olivier Varichon and Jean-Charles Valentin.

The OAXA company partners are all engineers and all from the company RONE Technologies. Each partner has a long history and experience of working with high technology machines.

This explains the very technical profile of the OAXA company.
The deliberate technical orientation of the OAXA company comes from our drive and devotion to undertake research and achieve technical excellence, before commercial enterprise.
50% of OAXA’s human resources are devoted to R & D.

The company OAXA Ltd was originally registered in Great Britain and was permanently transferred to France in 2009.

We design the CAD software: the Lona3 software, followed by the Lona4, electronics with A400 card, digital control (Xdess control software) and mechanics. On each link of the chain OAXA has introduced innovations: ” Downstream Process ”, ” Interrupt Digital Control ”, ‘HF’ heater with automatic controlled tuning ”, …etc.
This integration and these complementary skills throughout the design chain allow technical optimizations to serve our customers.
The software, electronic and mechanical designs are made at OAXA, the subassembly is then subcontracted to long-standing partners, all of whom are based in France, the assembly, wiring and final tests are carried out in on the OAXA premises.

OAXA’s primary market is in France but we have also sold machines in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Canada, Australia, Brazil, …


They are the eyewear manufacturers who are daily taking increasingly substantial market shares, who recruit, who invest …

This competitive relocation impresses clients, market setters, upsets trends and challenges preconceived ideas.


We have established an exceptional relationship based on trust. This partnership to guarantee the quality and competitiveness of spectacle production in a high tech industry which is evolving and conquering new territories with You.