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MP5 prototyping machine

The OAXA MP5 is a 5-axis prototyping machine, manufacturing all of the components of acetate frames: face, temples and includes a variety of finishing tools.
The OAXA MP5 machine is designed for uncompromising users who want a top of the line tool to produce prototypes rapidly, small collections or tailor-made glasses, without inhibitions to their creativity and with the best manufacturing quality possible.
The machine is indispensible for Designers, opticians who want to start a collection and eyeglass manufacturers wishing to have a tool devoted to prototyping and tooling realization.

The machine is built with the manufacturing advantages of the OAXA MF5, but we have removed the automatic material loading, turning over and ejection of the finished frames functions; and added a clamping device for temple manufacturing.
Operation is semi-automatic.  The MP5 shares the same components as the MF5 production machine which has been designed to operate 12+ hours a day making it a notably high quality and robust system to be used for the manufacture of prototypes and small collections.
The MP5 programs are 100% compatible with the OAXA MF5 production machine. This means that a model made on the MP5 can be put into production immediately on an MF5 production machine.
The mechanical components are identical to those of the OAXA MF5 machine and we can refer to the technical characteristics of this machine for all the manufacturing components.


The programming of the MP5 is simplified thanks to the Lona4 software ”Downstream Process ”.
From the model design: software options make it possible to automatically create the centering pins but also the tooling for front bending and the tooling for the inserting of front hinges.
The model change over time is very rapid and includes all the required tooling for manufacturing and finishing.
This guarantees an unrivaled “time to market”.
Vices for temple clamping make it possible to create the front of the frame as well as the temples, using the same machine and the same integrated software tools.

Top of the range products

Exceptional finishing on all worked surfaces.
Thanks to the innovative Lona4 software, which has been specifically designed to be used in the eyewear industry, users have an unequaled creative potential to both rapidly and easily accomplish complex and even extremely complex 5 axis machining operations.

Various features
✔ Width of the frame up to 80 mm
✔ Maximum thickness: 3 to 10 mm (or 19 mm with glued pads)
✔ Max. Length: 210 mm
✔ Type of material: all types of acetate. Natural materials (wood, horn), non-ferrous materials (aluminum, brass) up to 4 mm optional
✔ Repeat accuracy: 0.02 mm
✔ Max. Tool number: 10 with automatic tool change and adjustable speed from 5 to 24000 rpm
✔ CNC programming using the Lona4 software: machining is automatically generated from the design without prior operation to redefine machining or software change.
✔ The model file is copied from the design station and then inserted directly into the machine using a USB key
✔ Integrated design software: yes
✔ Training, delivery, start-up.
Standards end safety
✔ Complies with Directive 2006/42 / EC and 2004/108 / EC (Machine Directive)
✔ Complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336 / EEC (EMC) and 92/31 / EEC and EN 55011
✔ Connection to a standard electrical network whose voltages comply with international standards IEC 60 038
65 000 €